Nicole has retired from all ceremonies from 01/01/2020

A naming ceremony conducted by Nicole is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved, as they pledge their love and support for you and your child. The ceremony is also designed to announce the safe arrival of your child. Your family and friends would be invited to meet, to greet, to express their wishes and hopes for the future, and to officially welcome your child.

The naming ceremony is a celebration by all of the people involved in your child's life. It is an opportunity for you to state in front of your family and friends the unconditional love and care, support and encouragement that you will continue to provide as a parent.

Just by holding a naming ceremony, you are expressing that your child is a very important member of your family. The naming ceremony can be the basis of a very special family gathering, and can be a wonderful video and photographic record for your child.

Naming ceremonies have become a popular alternative to a church Christening or Baptism. Many people today do not regularly attend church, or are unable to make the commitment often requested by a priest or minister of religion. Some parents also feel that their children should be able to make their own informed decision as to which religion, if any, they may wish to follow. For these reasons, naming ceremonies have become part of our "Australian" culture - a historical gathering of family and friends.
Nicole conducts most ceremonies in the Penrith area.

Pictures from Nicole's Naming Ceremonies

"Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony,
was such a fun filled happy experience and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Was an absolutely wonderful day.
And also a MASSIVE thank you for incorporating my great-nan
she felt quite blessed to be a part of the ceremony.
I will most definitely be recommending you to family and friends."
Kayla & Luke

As each family is different, the naming ceremony is individually tailored to suit your own particular circumstances. If you would like to know what people have said about the ceremonies that Nicole has conducted, please have a look at her Letters page.

Nicole has written a very special and unique sand ceremony for children of all ages. Colours have had many meanings over the centuries, and Nicole would ask the most precious people in your child's life to use coloured sand to bestow their blessings upon him/her. During the sand ceremony, each member of the immediate family will take turns pouring coloured sand into your child's container. This act symbolises that although each member of the family maintains their own individuality, they will join together in the creation of one loving family unit. Grandparents, Godparents, parents and siblings are welcome to participate. The sand will take on unique patterns to create a beautiful work of art that will forever be a visual reminder of the Naming Ceremony.

For more information, you would be welcome to give Nicole a call on 0427 393 699

To make life easy for you, Nicole would be happy to provide all the coloured sand and the containers required for the ceremony at no extra charge. For a boy, a glass "rocket" shaped decanter would be provided, or for a girl, a lovely decorative glass bottle would be suitable.

Naming ceremonies usually include:

  • Introduction and welcome to family and guests

  • The Naming and Blessing

  • Appointment of Godparents, Mentors or Guardians

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Conclusion

  • Presentation of Child and Certificates.

With Nicole's background in office administration, a popular radio presenter, and regular finalist in the NSW Bridal Industry Awards, you can rest assured that your ceremony will be conducted with warmth, sincerity and attention to detail.

To conduct an Absolutely Fabulous Ceremony takes careful planning and time, often with several hours of behind the scenes preparation and activities that are rarely seen. Why would you risk your lifetime memories by shopping around for the cheapest celebrant? Not all celebrants or ceremonies are the same!

A quality Naming ceremony conducted by Nicole may sound expensive, but you will no doubt find that Nicole's services provide excellent value for money, in the context of all the other expenses incurred. Nicole's fee for an Absolutely Fabulous Naming Ceremony in the Penrith area is only $495. For a ceremony outside the Penrith area, a travel fee would apply.

The Naming Ceremony can be held in the privacy of your own home, a park, or venue of your choice. View the Venues page if you would like to find out about some local venues.

After much negotiation, Nicole has been fortunate enough to be able to secure the use of a lovely chapel in the Penrith area for Namings & Christenings at a very reasonable rate of $175 per hour (plus your Celebrant's fee). If you've secured the services of Nicole as your celebrant and booked your ceremony at a local park, the chapel could also be available as a wet weather alternative. For further details please call Nicole Celeban on 0427 393 699.

In her twenty years as a professional celebrant, Nicole has conducted in excess of 4000 ceremonies.
She has conducted ceremonies in Penrith, Blacktown, Mt Druitt, St Marys, Parramatta, Auburn, Camden, Macarthur, Springwood, Katoomba, Leura, Blackheath, Blue Mountains, Windsor, Richmond, Kurrajong, Hawkesbury.... and the list goes on.....

Enquiries are welcome. To assist Nicole to give you all the information you require, please remember to give as much detail as possible including your names, a contact phone number, where (venue/suburb/locality), and when (date and preferred time) you would like for your ceremony. If you're enquiring about a Naming Ceremony, please let me know your child's name and age.

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